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How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Tap into LinkedIn’s 450 million–member worldwide network by focusing on activities that will yield the best results. Here are 5 key strategies and activities to build and grow your network.

Update your status frequently and consistently

  • Update your status at least three times a day on the actual site itself, versus using third-party tools so that you have full control over your message and increase engagement.
  • Share and comment on the updates of your first, second and third-degree connections at least once a day.
  • Send an invitation to connect to at least 3 new people per day.
  • Start and/or participate in LinkedIn Group Discussions three times a week.
  • Answer questions on “LinkedIn Answers” three times a week.
  • Comment on profile updates from the companies you follow on LinkedIn once a day.

Top Tip: Be careful about sharing tweets directly on LinkedIn, as you don’t give your LinkedIn network connections the opportunity to engage with you within LinkedIn.

There may be some value in saving time and increasing visibility by doing this, but realize no further engagement will take place within LinkedIn so be selective about the tweets you choose to share. Sending all of your tweets into LinkedIn can get very annoying for your connections!

Build connections constantly

  • One of the best ways to grow your network is to always look for connection opportunities via the ‘People You May Know’ feature. Which you can access via the ‘My Network’ icon at the top of the LinkedIn page.
  • Start sending connection requests to people directly from the ‘People You May Know’ section.

Be strategic about when you are active on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn members are more active in the afternoons and more likely to use the mobile site in the evenings. So focus your activities during the times when you have the best chance to be seen.
  • It’s worth experimenting with this by mixing up your strategy and recording the results. For example: you may find that engagement within your industry and target market is quite high on weekday mornings AND on Saturday mornings. Therefore, make LinkedIn activity a priority each morning as much as possible.

Join and actively participate in LinkedIn groups

  • Start contributing to new and popular conversations and add value where you can.
  • One of the best ways to gain connections is to ask for advice within your target niche.
  • Be careful not to over commit to too many LinkedIn Groups. Pick three to five groups that make sense for you to be actively involved.

Top Tip: Group conversations are being indexed within LinkedIn searches and you can filter these searches to see which of your connections are members of a particular group.

What you share matters

  • What you share will define you as a trusted authority within your industry and target market. If you want to attract and grow the right audience the key is to share news, articles and insights that are relevant to your connections, but be considerate and don’t bombard people with too much content.
  • Creating and sharing your own content is extremely important for establishing yourself as a thought leader and becoming the trusted authority in your niche.
  • Avoid phrases such as “check out my videos” or “check out my latest blog post” because no one cares about you until you care about them. Be a resource and be helpful to your connections in addition to finding ways to create dialogue with them.
  • Keep in mind that when you share something that is “share-worthy” and members of your extended network see it and share it, you increase your visibility significantly because you gain exposure to their connections.
  • Consider using the LinkedIn Today site to easily find and share content that is interesting and relevant to your target market. This is a great tool for finding popular, trending and relevant content to share with your network.