Introducing The Four Steps to Career Success

The ultimate career development blueprint

The 4 Steps to Career Success is designed for anyone who wants to advance their career. It is a training and educational blueprint which guides you through the entire job-hunting process from the initial career discovery stage right through to accepting an offer of employment. It also helps you build a foundation for success once you have started your new job.

This blueprint can be tailored to individual needs, it provides guided support and shows you what you need to accomplish to be successful in this highly competitive job market, whilst helping you avoid the pitfalls.

Every method and technique used is based on many years of professional industry experience. All the useless information has been filtered out to provide you only the best.

What We Do

We don’t just find people jobs. We develop mindsets, skillsets and confidence while focusing on ambitions and lifestyle to create life long career moves. It’s not about just ‘finding a job’. It’s about creating a path and developing as a person.

We combine our proven 4 Steps Career Development Blueprint with professional mentoring to support you throughout the entire job-hunting process for as long as it takes until you have found a new job.

We then help you build a foundation for success once you have started your new job.

The Four Steps Explained

Step 1 – Career Discovery

This step focuses on where you want to be and how to get there. It develops an understanding of your industry, how to succeed within it and the correct path to take. By eliminating time consuming and open-ended options, and by focusing on your unique abilities, this informative analysis will give you the knowledge and direction to master the journey.

  • Uncover your hidden talents

  • Discover what makes you remarkable

  • Understand your competitive edge

  • Forge a mindset for success

Step 2 – Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity is your most important asset. You may be qualified, have exceptional experience and a wealth of knowledge, but if your brand doesn’t showcase your unique talents and abilities employers will not even notice you. We create Personal Brand Identities that instantly put you ahead of the competition and highlight you as an immediate asset to any company.

  • Design your market leading brand identity

  • Build your on-line and social media presence

  • Create a unique and inspiring CV

  • Improve self-confidence

Step 3 – Job Search

It’s at this crucial stage to make sure you are connected with the right companies and employment opportunities. We impart our knowledge, share contacts and give you the tools you’ll need to accurately find and apply for the best and most exciting jobs.

  • Create a results oriented job search strategy

  • Identify key players in your industry

  • Master the art of applying for jobs

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

Step 4 – You’re Hired

This final stage teaches you the crucial skills needed in the ultimate executions of interviews. Not only does it focus on you and your presentation, but also on what employers and companies look for and how they assess candidates. This stage concentrates on the key elements within the interview and offer process.

  • Master the interview process using interview psychology

  • Negotiate and accept an offer of employment

  • Build a platform for success in your first month of employment

  • Shape drive & determination

Who would benefit from The Four Steps?

You’re a good match for the Four Steps Blueprint if the following is true for you:

  • You want to improve your career; enjoy your job, do satisfying work and obtain daily fulfilment.

  • You want to change career direction but you don’t know how.

  • You are working just to pay the bills, but you feel that now is the time to take control of your career.

  • You want to be happy, enjoy your job and feel a sense of purpose.

  • You are stuck in an unfulfiling job and can’t see a way out.

  • You feel that you are not reaching your full potential.

  • You want or need to earn more money.

What you get

  • The Four Steps blueprint, containing 38 modules.

  • Mentoring from a highly skilled career expert with a minimum of 15 years industry experience.

  • Your mentor actively work through The Four Steps Blueprint with you from start to finish.

  • 1-2-1 mentoring or group sessions for as long as it takes until you have found a new job.

  • Continued support once you have started your new job.

  • Access to key industry contacts and job opportunities.

  • Valuable industry knowledge so you can be successful in this highly competitive job market.

Take Charge of Your Career

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